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A beautiful face is something you are born with. You have no real contribution towards it. Beauty fades over time and leaves all but a fleeting image of what you once were. What actually matters is, how much of it you carry inside.

Elegance, on the other hand, is an acquired craft. You might not be pretty on the outside, but can still have an elegant and mesmerising personality. It stands for sophistication and is a rare virtue.

25 thoughts on “Elegance

          1. Wow, great! Have a great time there. ????
            Am visiting friends almost daily as of now. Have yet to see any pandals. It gets very crowded and going with kids is a problem!

      1. True true since the time my age crossed 25 I have full faith in elegance… In fact also stopped making Rakhi brothers… Got scared that my elegance will make me look like their elder sister…hahah ????????????

        But jokes apart an intelligent n charming personality is the way to go????????????

        1. Yes, anytime. To be honest I was never blessed with the proverbial beauty. I always felt bad for that as a kid. But now I know that it gave me the insight to grow beyond the obvious.
          I’ve found that I even get drawn towards people who aren’t ‘pretty’. Intelligence and elegance are bigger turn-ons. ????????

          1. I don’t understand how one defines beauty…Pleasing to the eye is that the definition…
            Beauty goes beyond superficial looks, no matter who says what…it’s the inner beauty that stays…But yes when we are young we kind of get influenced by those physical looks n start comparing…

            For me too intelligence, kindness n humour goes a long way, totally what I look for n all of it I find in you…
            So you are A Beauty Girl! ????????????

          2. I feel like giving you a hug right now. ((((Hugsssss)))) ????????????
            After a long time I think I have so easily bonded with someone over something as simple as writing. Yes, we grow with certain preset notions about beauty. I guess all teenagers go through this stage at least once. Part of growing up, may be.
            Like they say, conversation is crucial in any relationship. Be it friendship, love, marriage- anything. To carry it is something that needs more than just good looks. You are a Beauty for me!! ☺☺

          3. Thanks ????????????… you know my best friends are actually chatty ones… I usually get along with the one who can talk for long hours, though I am usually a listener…
            And ditto girl, I too feel comfortable discussing views with you… somehow I feel even if we are at opposite ends we could still agree to disagree n accept each other’s point…This level of comfort I get form very few bloggers n thanks for being one of them Varsh ????

          4. I feel the same Shefali. Having different opinions is alright. You simply need to concede that not everyone can agree with you. I find so much of hate even in blogs that I don’t even follow some of them now. I chat a lot, to be honest. But I don’t think I express myself in person like I do on my blogs. I don’t have the energy for it.
            But yes, our discussions make me feel like we’re both contributing towards something that we feel about. Good, bad or anything else. We respect each other that much. Thanks Shefali. I found a friend in you. ????????????????

  1. This Mr Armani is the same after whom we have Armani suits etc i think…but that apart our elegance truly lies in our behaviour, how comfortable we are with us and able to make others who interact with us …Some people confuse elegance with prudishness (like the way British queens behave) thats not elegance or may be elegance or grace of a different kind..But yes as Shefali said humour,kindness,empathy simplicity,emotions… etc are true hallmark of elegant behaviour 🙂

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