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For its you..

..who brings the life in my life

..who makes my world go round

..who makes my heart crave for more

..who brings out the twinkle in my eye

..who makes me want to love myself

..who is the lone star that shines my world!

19 thoughts on “For its you..

          1. Thanks????????But it does surprise me that of all followed blogs it happened in this case only…when i dint see your blog in my followed list i checked only to see it marked as unfollowed…initially i thought you blocked me or something ????????

          2. ????????????
            Wordpress was testing you. It wanted to see if you remember all the blogs you follow. ????
            Oh I’ve blocked people, but not anyone on my blog yet. Tumko block karne ka to sawaal hi nahi hai. ☺

          3. I dont think it was testing that as i really dont remember all the blogs i follow but it did test wherther i look for this particular blog ???????? so reassuring to read last line ????

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