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Hi and Thanks ☺

Hi friends!

Have been experiencing some issues with the internet connection due to which I was away from my blog for a couple of days. It might persist, who knows.

When I did come online today I was happy, even humbled, to find that my blog wasn’t left alone. All you wonderful people kept it company by reading, liking and commenting on my posts. Thanks a ton! 😍

Meanwhile, those gravity-defying moves by Tiger Shroff in his new movie are all over the place. Personally, such kind of perfectly choreographed and synchronized dance steps are quite a put-off. Shammi Kapoor’s and more recently Ranveer Singh’s I-enjoy-dancing-why-don’t-you-join-in style of dancing is more my type. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Hi and Thanks ☺

  1. You better not watch me dance then… ha ha ha ha.. legs go one way.. head the other and belly the other. ..
    But that tiger shroff guy is goood.. and he has worked hard on his moves. ..????????

    1. Ha ha…I will enjoy seeing you dance since no matter how it is, it is your personal style ????
      He’s good, but have you seen his face when he dances? His expressions are as trained as his moves. Its a bit distracting.

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