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I have said this on my blog before, and I’m saying it again. “Dissatisfaction is the mother of all art” Not inevitable, but it often happens that humans try to fill up the empty recesses of their heart or existence by giving some creative outlet to an expression that otherwise pinches them and eats them hollow inside.

Blogging was one such channel for me. It gave me an opportunity to put my thoughts and feelings into words, hone my writing skills, acted like a keepsake diary, and also helped me connect with long-lost friends who incidentally got to know me more closely through my blog.

G was one of them. He and I were childhood buddies who lost touch with each other through our growing years. Both of us living in different cities and opting for different streams for graduation didn’t help either. Over time our priorities changed. We could’ve tried, but well, I don’t have an excuse!

Years later, through social media G somehow found me. By then we were both married and had become parents. While I tried hard to keep up with his life and connect it with mine chronologically, he was well-informed about me and what I had been up to; courtesy my blog.

That time I was a first-time mother and out of work. Blogging served as my vent as well as release back then. I not only jotted down my time with my son in exquisite detail, but also penned everything I felt about in and around me. As it turns out, G knew it all already and spared himself an elaborate version of it.

G was acquainted with facts about my son’s childhood like I had essayed them to him personally. What different dish I tried, which movie I saw or what I did on my wedding anniversary; such random stuff I assumed no one cared about, had connected us in a way we never imagined.

My blog has helped me in reconnecting with old friends as well as making new ones. It has been a long and fruitful journey for me so far. I feel inspired to discipline myself and write better when I read other well-thought and well-researched blogs.

Cherry on the cake, I got my friend back. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Reconnection

  1. I loved this. It is my dream to be talked about me as if they already know me through my blog. Even though I choose to keep my identity a secret, and I do not blog as much, I wish someone from my past reads my blog and knows everything about me and… well… everything that happened to you! That is a conversation that I’d love to have!

    Thank you for awakening the dreaming romantic in me. I simply enjoyed this! 😀

    1. Wow…you dream about such things? I had no idea anyone I know even read my blog. The one thing I loved was when he said that my writing kept him hooked and he felt he knew A Jr very well already. So, a compliment for me and a not-so-new friend for my son. ☺
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this.

  2. :). Social media has really helped reunite old childhood friends and enabled to relive those past moments. Also it is sometime amusing to interact with online cum offline friends ; while you are telling them which movie you went to watch last sunday and they say i know i know and you also had samosa with green chutney during interval and you are like %$%$!! 🙂

    1. Haha…saves a lot of time! ????
      I’m not much into social media but it is tough to ignore how easy it makes to reconnect with long-lost friends. It was fun when my friend said that his son did almost the same things and he wished he wrots them down like I did on my blog.

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