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My Talented Baby ☺

Remember those science diagrams we had to make way back in school? Anyone who could get them to look even remotely close to the picture in the book felt like he deserved to be placed on a pedestal and demanded respect from other non-talented subjects.

Not brag-worthy, but I was always good at drawing. I once made a diagram of the human anatomy in fourth grade (if I’m not mistaken) and my teacher asked me to redraw it, since in her words “I traced it from the book!” I couldn’t make out if this was a compliment for me, but my friends sure thought it was funny.😬

Even in college I was arm-wriggled or emotionally blackmailed into being part of a virtual drawing co-operation movement for my friends who couldn’t get their lines and curves right. I didn’t mind it though. I loved to draw.☺

Cut to present, A Jr has to draw science diagrams for the first time in his small life, and boy, could he be more hassled! The mere idea of drawing makes him cringe and he comes up with the most frivolous excuses to put it off for later. At one time he even shed a few crocodile tears to make me feel awful for being adamant with him.

His case was simple; there were either straight lines or parabolas. The circles turned into ovals as and when it pleased him. In the same picture, lines took a break from being lines and became curves instead. The end result was unpalatable, to say the least! 😐

It took me more than a week to get him to draw a legible Photosynthesis and a Parts of the Plant diagram! Don’t judge me, but how can I accept it if the leaves are bigger than the fruits and the roots are so straight, they might’ve suffered an underground electric shock! The best part were the arrows; thick and distinct.

My poor baby, I felt bad for him. I had to console him by confessing that my chapattis resembled the world map when I started out (which they didn’t, for the record) but I tried and tried till I got better and ‘perfect’ like he calls me now. Persistence and perseverance are very important to be good at anything.

The point got through, thankfully. He made a decent drawing at last and I genuinely thanked my stars that at least a tiny part of him has taken something from the artist in me. I have to make peace with it though, in this matter he is his father’s son. Sigh!😭

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