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The online bug

The Facebook notification icon turns red and displays some double digit number. Immediately, I click on it and find a long list of likes and comments. 

The WordPress app screen on my phone is open and I scroll down to see that I haven’t caught up on any blogs of late.

Flipkart and Amazon are literally giving away stuff at dirt rates and I’m window-shopping.

A friend has pinged and I’m chatting with him. I can even recollect part of the conversation.

Candies, boosters and sugar crushes….I’m super excited and on level 300.

Meanwhile, I’m having coffee and talking to a person who’s picture I saw on his/her blog. 

All this might sound cute, but probably not if I mention that I dreamt of all this the other night. :-/ 

Pray, I need to get out more!!! 😛 😀

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  1. nuts you are no! hahaha!

    1. Branded!! ????????????

    2. Imagine pinsy…when I woke up my reaction was simply…what on earth!! ????????

  2. Dashy says:

    Haha! Looks like you really should get out more. 😛

    1. I work from home mostly nowadays…guess that has really got me hooked. Need to summon friends to take me out. ????

  3. 🙂

      1. Add quora to that and your life would be complete 🙂

        1. Haha….life or the loss of it? ????????

  4. Be positive 🙂

    1. Hmmm ☺

    2. Atleast i get to make a post about it ????

      1. now thats what we call a well thought repartee 🙂

        1. Ha ha ☺☺

  5. you getting all the fun in dreams .. I wonder how fun-Full it would be if you got out tooooo 🙂 🙂

    1. Hahaha….all the fun is in the dream…that’s the problem!!! Probably my mind too takes a break from being an overstressed and overworked mother of two there. ????????

      1. ???????????????? I am sure that’s not always imagine the fun with the two..

        1. Arre I try to focus and write only on the positives. If I write how much they make me suffer by blog will become a whining hole. ????????

          1. Errrrr. Or maybe it would be how much they suffer ha ha ha ha ha ha.. I got to listen to all points of view.. ????????????

          2. ???????????? Kya bol rahe ho yaar? Who think I would make them suffer? ????

  6. You said if you write how much they make you suffer.. so I said maybe talk to them and ask if you make them..????????????

    1. Be my guest…go ahead…I would like to know too ????????

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