I love to be surprised. I love to believe that there’s more to things than what meets the eye. What lies on the surface is merely a bleak, and often incorrect, suggestion of what lies beneath. You have to dig in and experience for yourself the amazement that comes from welcoming the unknown!

Whether it is nature, food, clothes, jewellery or people, the one thing that makes anything all the more enticing is the knowledge that you’re being introduced to an unfamiliar world where anything and everything is possible. Every new layer has a different place and a different story.

Imagine biting into a chocolate ice-cream and getting a taste of mango instead. How would a black forest cake be like if it had no layer of cream? A beautiful flowy wedding gown without its layers of silk would simply be a white dress, isn’t it? How would those gorgeous hair buns look like if they weren’t pinned into layers?

Mountains get their beauty from their layers formed over thousands of years. The colours of a rainbow, another form of layer, make it look so attractive. Birds fly in the sky in immaculate layered patterns. Even the humble onions with their many layers inspire commercials of smartphones.

And people, the most inscrutable of all, have more layers anything else. The calmer and jubilant the façade, the more layered the person is. It is unfolding and unearthing every layer of his that is truly challenging and charming.

Daily Post Prompt: Layers

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4 thoughts on “Layers ~ Daily Post Prompt

    1. Its the simplest things that go unnoticed mostly, don’t they? I tried to talk about them and am glad you liked it. Thank you so much Pakhi. Hope to see you around more. 🙂

  1. Loving the juxtaposition of the food layers with the layers of human beings. It’s true, that we can never judge people based on the single layer that we see. Ever.

    1. Isn’t it? It is the layers that give that certain suspense quality to anything. How deep is it…how can I get through…what is on the other side…it is fun to ponder over these questions at times.

      Thank you Shailaja for dropping by. 🙂

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