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Right nutrition for right growth of your child

Right from the time a woman sees her child’s first sonogram, along with vowing unconditional love and care to it, she assumes the responsibility of providing it with the best possible nourishment for its proper growth and development. Even at the time of birth, a child’s weight and other physical attributes are given a lot of importance since they do have a certain influence on its immediate well-being.

I’m a mother of two and it was a matter of great concern to me that both my kids were born underweight. While my dream of having a cute, poster-like chubby and cuddly baby came crashing down twice, I was quite resolute to ensure that this didn’t interfere with their overall health and progress.

At a young age, especially, a child is very impressionable. It is like a sponge and absorbs everything it sees and listens to. In case the child is showing any possible signs of stunted growth, like less than average height or weight, every other person you come across feels like it is his personal liability to point that out to you, sometimes in your child’s presence.

Such things can have a negative impact on a child’s delicate mind and damage his self-worth and self-confidence, sometimes permanently. A child may find it hard to find acceptance amongst his peers or steer clear of demanding tasks presuming his inability to carry them out successfully. As conscientious parents we cannot let his happen to our children, can we?

Luckily for us, there is exhaustive information available on websites, books, videos, etc. which can guide us through this rocky parenting journey and help us achieve the perfect balance between physical and psychological health of our children. We need to begin with instilling the right nutrition intake discipline in them since childhood.

Horlicks Growth+ can be the perfect answer to a child’s nutrition needs. It has been designed by international experts specifically for children between 3 to 9 years of age. It contains high quality whey protein which is crucial for a child’s development and which isn’t easily available through diet. Children lagging behind in growth have shown remarkable improvement within 6 months of its use.

‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’ is something our parents and teachers doggedly etched on our minds when we were younger, didn’t they? We might not have realised the importance of that one glass of milk every morning or those pieces of fruit shoved down our throat back then, but now we do and can use innovative and effective products like Horlicks Growth+ and get the same desired results, without the forcing part.

When we take a walk in the park it is the green lush trees with brilliant foliage that attract our attention first, since it reflects that they’re well looked after and cared for. Similarly, a child’s health and general well-being is determined by his growth, both physical and psychological. It is up to us to help our children bloom in all their glory.

He wants to play chess or football? Why not get him ready to play both?

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