This was a forward I had received some time back and is slowly but surely becoming the motto of my life. I liked it instantly and try to read it once, everyday, for the positivity it gives me. Although, I must confess outright that setting a running goal is a bit ambitious for me.

Before you think of beating a hasty retreat, wait. I’m not going to bore my readers with some tedious lecture on inspiration or motivation. We’re grown-ups and more or less know what we need to know. Only, sometimes there is a dire need to ignite the somewhat dying fire within us. That’s when a line as simple as the one above works wonders!

I’m a determined person (although a bit sluggish in determining what’s important) and once I make up my mind there’s precious little anyone can do to make me change it. There’s always a medley of things I’m thinking about which confuse me more and don’t help in achieving anything worthwhile. However, there’s one thing I’ve set my mind and heart on and want to stick to it till the end.

When I was a school girl we received the Pune edition of TOI at our native. Although it wasn’t an eveninger we received our copies only past 4o’clock which led to many a fights between us siblings for laying our hands on it first. TOI with it’s coverage and editorials, understandably, needed no reason for being read or liked.

Out of the many things I learned through it was one about the Marathon that took place in Mumbai every year! Alongside pictures of many celebrities (which interested the starry-eyed teenager in me) were numerous fitness enthusiasts who took the whole route to the finish line. Age no bar. Many ran for or in support of some social cause like Green Earth or Avoid Female Foeticide. It was amazing. Running never seemed like it was so much fun!

For a home-bound overweight teenager like me it was an unthinkable and unachievable task. I watched in awe and felt tad jealous for not being part of such an adventure. It was far fetched but deep inside I was hankering to be out there and experience this mega event for real and feel the contagious energy of it all.

Which, in all probability, can happen this year. Last two years went with the wish of wanting to do it but without enough motivation and the fear that I might not be able to pull this off. Isn’t it easy to simply give something up assuming it isn’t your cup of tea? Also, when you plan to do something that isn’t your nature, people around you try and dissuade you, a lot.

Not this time! I’ve pulled up my sleeves and am ready to do everything in my capacity to prepare myself for it. Along with my fitness trainer and constant motivation (for weight loss and general well-being) R, I’ve started jogging, running and have taken up other forms of strenuous exercise, regularly. On days when I’m not upto it, I give myself a break but try to make up for it soon.

The D-day is far away and seems like a distant but achievable dream as of now. Please keep your wishes and blessings with me. Will need them.

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26 thoughts on “For the love of Running

  1. i’ve done the half marathon several times… and its no big deal… once you make up your mind, there’s no stopping you, neither there’s looking back!
    Good luck and do let us know what happened… and the exciting story too… 🙂
    Cheers, Archana –
    ps – I love the Mumbai Marathon… it’s a pity I can’t do it anymore 🙁

    1. Hey Archana…you’ve run the half marathon several times!? Wow…you made my resolve a bit stronger. It is indeed easy if our mind is set on it, right?
      Thanks…I will keep you updated. Just curious, why can’t you do it anymore?

      1. curiosity kills the cat!!! :p I live in the US now… so no more Mumbai marathons for me dearie…
        will try to get plugged in out here soon though… but, the joy of running over there with friends was something else… 🙂 you sure are going to have some amazing fun and will make memories for life…
        btw – I still have my medals hung in my wardrobe 😉

        1. You got medals! Wow!!
          My goal right now is to give it a start. Preparing for it slowly but steadily.
          Any pointers you can give that can help?

  2. Wow I also wanted to take part in a marathon some day. Let’s see when I can practice or just go for it at least once. It’s too early for me actually. ?

  3. Varsha I see this is an old post, and I’m also aware that you have run at least two 5k runs recently, right? Please correct me if you’ve done greater distances than that. Great going girl! I have exactly the same story as far as never believing it of myself and then going ahead and doing it!

  4. Wow…never tried for Marathon. But I am sure it’s not an easy journey. Well, nothing comes easily..right? Good luck to you..

  5. It is commendable to make the goals and give the 100%to fulfil. I also want to take part in the Marathon but I know I have to work on my fitness even more.

  6. All the best dear. Even I dream of running a full marathon som day. I have been a part of total 9 runs – half marathons, trail runs, 10k runs etc… But never a full marathon.

  7. Cheers to your zeal and enthusiasm Varsha. As a person who has taken up fitness quite late in life, I wish you all the more.

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