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When was the last time…

…you bid farewell to all caution and laughed openly and hysterically when someone goofed up? 😛

…you innocently used your cute puppy face to melt the tough hearts of stubborn people (read your parents)? :-/

…the only criterion for someone being your friend was that he/she followed and listened to everything you said?

…you rushed to your best friend’s place to show him your new….whatever!? 😀

…you were a kid or a grownup as per your mood and advantage?

…you called yourself strong but fussed over that little scratch you got on your knee while playing?

…there wasn’t even a question of your demands not being fulfilled. You said it, and you had to get it! 🙂

Sounds familiar? Weren’t these the little things we did as kids? Weren’t we the same cute little brats our parents love, nurtured and spoiled? 😀

A Jr is growing up so fast, sometimes I feel I’m losing out on time already. There’s so much more we need to do together, and yet we do so little. Not that I have a long agenda or something, but I want him to remember his childhood as fondly as I do.

I must say, though at times I find it very challenging to keep up with his mood swings, his endless curious questions and his never-ending list of to-do things, I find myself contemplating, grinning and even blushing at them occasionally.

No, I’m not trying to relive my childhood through him. Although, I’m most certainly enjoying seeing him weave some wonderful memories in the thread of his life.

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