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Only for the need to talk…this?

When are you planning to have your (apparently very necessary) second child?
Why’re you studying since you won’t be able to work after having the (currently non-existent) baby?
Why don’t your in-laws come and stay with you?
Who does puja at your place when you are menstruating?
You have a rented flat or your own?
How much rent you pay? Is it affordable?

These are just some of the many questions this lady (A Jr’s classmate’s Mom) bombarded me with when I ran into her while I was picking A Jr up from school the other day. I was so taken aback with her intrusive and daringly personal questions that I didn’t really answer her back, like I should have. But then, even if I did, I doubt she’d understand. I’m not saying that I have a league of my own, but this lady is what typical behenjis are made of. It is my sheer misfortune that I run into her quite often.

Why and how is this her concern anyway?
Why do women think they have the right to judge other women?
This lady isn’t even a graduate, and she’s asking a B.E, M.B.A and a future C.S the need to study?
She doesn’t even know how to get the homework of a Sr K.G boy done, and thinks I’m not paying enough attention to my son?

What rot! I don’t see any guys asking each other such life-altering and decisive questions just out of the blue! Women need to talk, fine, but just to fill in silences are these the right topics of conversation?
No one is entitled to give unsolicited and unwelcome advice after being told once! If there comes a next time, I don’t know what I’ll say to her, but whatever it is it won’t be anything kindly put.

4 thoughts on “Only for the need to talk…this?

    1. Yes! And not to forget the rudeness! It is nobody’s job to even suggest anything unless asked for. This lady sure takes the cake when it comes to arrogance.

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