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Continue the story prompt

This is my entry for the Continue the story prompt on Writetribe and I’m taking my own story ahead.

First part of this story : A moment of happiness

As we sat sipping cutting chai from an unclean glass on the roadside tea-stall, I felt like it was all for the best. Agreed, this was not the perfect way to start a new life but life is never perfect; especially for people like us. No one ever remembers us or looks for us. She had been upset with the whole idea initially but I’d managed to make her see the bright side of it in the end.

It hadn’t started deliberately. I’d been employed with a rich grain merchant to carry sacks of food grains on my back for loading and unloading his trucks. The pay wasn’t much, but it ensured two square meals a day for me. I wanted to get married soon and hence was also putting some money aside for that purpose. It was my life’s savings and I’d kept it safely with a friend of mine.

As luck would have it, he duped me. When I asked for my money, he simply retracted! I tried everything I could; beg, plead and terrorise; but he didn’t relent. When I beat the hell out of him, he asked me to go and meet a friend of his who’d give me the money. He, then, sent me to someone else, who in turn turned me elsewhere. I’d understood that this was simply a plot to keep me hanging and playing around with me.

After a week or so, I’d had enough! I’d given them a chance to make good their sins, and now they were going to pay for it. I would make more money anytime, but these people needed to be taught a lesson. I knew what I had to do, and I did just that. Every person, who’d ever laughed at me, made fun of me, and had touched even a rupee that belonged to me, had to die! Yes!

I caught them unawares and watched with devilish glee, the horror on their faces when they knew they were going to meet their maker. The more they pleaded, the more brutal I got with them. They offered me money, ornaments, land; but I wanted nothing more than their blood on my hands. When the news people on television called me a ‘crazy serial murderer’, I smiled to myself.

However, while I’d been busy with myself, my girlfriend had experienced a hell of her own. In drunken stupor, the owner of the house where she worked as a maid had misbehaved with her, more than once. Even more so, that prick had the audacity to offer money to buy her silence. Out of fear and the fact that he was a policeman, she’d promised him that she’ll never give it away to anyone, but in a weak moment confided in me.

To cut a long story short, I killed the policeman just like I killed the other people to make it look like a serial murder. This way, my girl would be saved from any interrogation and she’d get her vengeance, just like I got mine! We’re now on our way to my village, far away from this city and its people. We haven’t decided what we’ll do next, but with time I’ll know and I’m prepared for everything.

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    1. Haha…Corinne…not a mean streak I will say…more like a knowing the darkness of my characters and using them to the advantage of my story 😀 😉

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