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Two weeks later

It’s been over two weeks since A Jr started his Jr KG in his ‘big school’ (as he calls it). Technically it’s been ten days, what with the makers of our future corporate gurus already adapting the teaching-and-studying-only-weekdays policy. Calling these days eventful would be a gross understatement. They’ve ranged from being hellish to tolerable with some good amount of bawling and pushing in between.

A Jr’s session in his playschool had ended way back in March, which is when his summer vacations began. Almost 4 months! 🙂 🙂 During this time the boy got to watch his favourite cartoons all day, uninterrupted. He loved it when his mother didn’t bother to prod too much when he didn’t want to write alphabets or numbers. His visits to his grandparents were filled with chocolates and more and more masti and he was spoilt, completely! 😀

Now imagine having to give up all these jaan se pyaari things when the new school began! New place, new people and a lot bigger school, his enthusiasm to join was palpable at first. Added to it the excitement of wearing new uniform and new shoes, carrying a new Doraemon bag which had a compass box with cute pencils, eraser and sharpener, he was unstoppable! Sadly though, not too long after he joined, his sundar sapna bit gaya when he realised that he’s expected to even study there. 😛

Writing was something I could never get him to do without fussing. 🙁 He had his own rules. He’ll choose the alphabet he wants to write. He’ll write wherever he wants, even if that place is the newspaper or the walls. Size just doesn’t matter; his alphabets could be the size of a whole page. He took an eternity to decide which colour crayon he wanted to use. Only he could decide whether what he wrote was right. There’s a lot more, but getting my point? *rolling eyes*

No teacher in her right mind would put up with these rules, would she? His teacher complained to me within a week on how he doesn’t listen to her and wants her to hold his hand while writing. I’ll never forgive myself for getting offended by her remarks and taking it all out on A Jr. *slaps self remorsefully* Egging is one thing, forcing is another. In a not-too-subtle way I made him obey, which backfired on me, as expected. 🙁 🙁

Even before he could jerk the sleep off his eyes every morning A Jr would go, ‘ I don’t want to go to school’. This song would religiously continue till the time he had to leave. My eyes would well up and I’d feel uneasiness in the pit of my stomach. Discipline is one thing, but was this fair to him? Was I being too harsh with my baby? Did I have to do this? Some quick consultation with my mother about this, and I continued being the vamp, but this time I changed my attitude. This time, as she’d convinced me, I succeeded.

I started giving him incentives for doing homework. He could play Angry Birds on my phone or get a jelly on every page he completed. I’d put on his favourite CD if he listened to me. May be this isn’t the best way to encourage him, but it did manage to shirk off his dislike for writing. He got his first Good on his workbook! My pride cannot be put in words. 🙂 🙂

I understand now why parents demand a change in our education system so fervently. Teaching is one thing, but expecting toddlers like A Jr to be attentive in class and dutifully complete their homework is a bit too much to ask! Their minds are very receptive and they retain everything, even negativity. Shouldn’t learning be a fun thing rather than being a job that needs to be completed within a time frame?

This topic is too vast and cannot be covered here. Will write on this some other time. Till then, my energies are concentrated on A Jr.

7 thoughts on “Two weeks later

  1. congratulations on that ‘good’ !!! reminds me of our school times…a ‘good’ or a ‘v.good’ from the teacher used to make our day 🙂

    I’ve a long time to reach where you are right now but I dread these things already…have been hearing stories like yours from other friends too …*shudders* on the first step-leaving Chirpy in the school,sigh!

    Regarding change in education system: A big yes to that…even for grown up kids..it’s necessary that they study their choice of subjects and not all and sundry which they will never use in their career,ever!

    1. Replied a little late and by now he’s got 3 Goods on his book. Its tough to decide who’s more excited, him or me. 😛 YAY!! 😀
      It isn’t that tough really. I know we’re very involved in every aspect of bringing up our child until they join school and the thought that he’ll be all by himself is frightening. But trust me, the inquisitive child doesn’t think twice before venturing out and trying to explore the world, and that again, is a frightening and insecure feeling for us. 😛 Don’t think too much. 🙂
      I know basic knowledge of everything is necessary for us, but still the reason we’re taught what we are taught escapes me too. It by no way helps us to decide what we’d like to do with our life. The onus to guide kids lies entirely on parents who can do with a little help from teachers too. How many of them are willing to do that is another story.

    1. He loved school you know, only till the time he had to study. 😀
      Thankfully he’s coming around now (does he have a choice! :() and started doing his homework with much less drama. Guess the incentive thing will prove very expensive to me in future.
      The ‘making learning fun’ part mostly lies with parents now I think…lets hope we can live up to the challenge.
      Thanks Deb…took me a long time to write this post. Glad you liked it.

    1. The first week was very tough for me…all new people and a whole new atmosphere…I felt very protective of him. Added to it the demands of studying…reading and writing for him…put pressure on both of us. Felt guilty for pushing him, all the while hoping I wasn’t doing anything wrong or unjust with him. Had to share it here! These days are worth remembering right? Glad this post reminded you your darlings’ childhood. 🙂

  2. You know my son is about to join nursery next month and he too has his own tantrums while studying..really dunno if I’ll have to hear such remarks from teachers or not, but I took the learning..way to mould kids to get “good”.. shall utilize this in a sensible way though!

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