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The Pain of Perfection

Have you ever come across one of those seemingly perfect people who like to show that they know it all? Perfection seems to bow down to them in reverence. You talk about anything under the sun and pat comes the reply, ‘Oh that,ya I’ve seen that long ago’ or ‘Oh you don’t know, I know it like the back of my hand and blah blah blah!

What makes me wonder is that whether these people are really as smart as they like to pretend or are they shallow and can’t differentiate between chalk and cheese. I know it’s not impossible to be well-versed and well-informed but can one person be a master of all trades? I doubt that.

I’ve had the misfortune of running into umpteen such people and I insist, talking to or handling such fake samples of perfection is tougher than finding water in a desert. These people are surrounded by an impregnable wall of their huge egos and just won’t take any of your well-meant advice or suggestion. What a pity!

I’m no student of psychology but I do know that every individual has some unique character traits and there can be no argument about their how right or wrong they are. Can we question why mangoes are sweet and lemons are sour? No! They are meant to be that way. How else would the balance of nature be maintained?

There’s a huge difference between them and humans though. You can choose not eating mangoes if you don’t like sweet and ignore the lemon if you don’t like sour. But people cannot be put away like this. Even if a person is nothing but a pain to you, you have to adjust with him, bear him.

Such characters are found everywhere; he can be your colleague who boasts of some lame undeserved and unrewarding expertise to impress your seniors, your relative who has not achieved anything on his own but was blessed with some ancestral fortune and considers himself perfection personified or your friend who took tuitions from you until some time back and now advises you on how naïve you are. The list never ends.

My patience wears out sometimes in such cases and to shield myself from the constant bombardment of their unwelcome knowledge I have to limitlessly stretch all my tolerance limits. The irritation after it although, refuses to go easily.

What do you do when faced with a similar situation?

35 thoughts on “The Pain of Perfection

  1. When facing such people just make fun- of their talking and pretending-of course in your mind !! And take it as any joke and laugh it out…that's simpler than being frustrated hai na ? Or else just press the ignore button 🙂

  2. Such rigid personalities who refuse to soak up any good advise fail to impress anyone. Sticking to their egoistic lifestyle they are indeed a source of pain to everyone near and dear.I agree with Nu, ignoring such people and not giving them an opportunity to disturb our equilibrium is the key :DWonderful post Varsha 🙂

  3. Thanks CB :)Depressing as it may sound, but there are times when ignoring doesn't seem to work too. That person might be eating your head, but if he's someone close to you, you can't be plain ignorant.Isn't it?

  4. plain ignorance..towards a close person cant be possible everytime…but i have faced lot of mental tension due to it…some times it makes my senses numb….but smtimes this behaviour of igorance can be helpuful….or by just showing that u r listening ….suno sabki karo apne man ki …

  5. LOL….I sooooo empathise, I've dealt with a few and tht too on a daily basis;-D. But I did come up with a solution in my own way….I used to agree with them totally and then compete with them to agree agree[yes 2 agrees] with them. After sometime they'll look at me suspiciously wondering if I was making fun. And when I show more interest in it they get tired of the subject and try to wriggle away;-D

  6. @Analyst: Thank you..will go visit your page rightaway :)@Reflections: Really..there can be 'n' no of ways to tackle them…and keeping your sanity and patience in place till you're through with them is the real challenge! Your method is actually workable…I'm gonna use it the next time for sure..Thanks!! :)@Titaxy: That's my point…I get irritated too..but I've seen over time…its me who gets affected and its their victory! Tricky situation huh?

  7. I keep sending more and more questions their way..all seemingly innocent..they are bond to stumble because as you said they can't know all. And then I just shrug and say 'How you don't know..I guess let me go ask someone else' 😛

  8. No Varsh! you don't know anything about such people……tsk tsk, you are such a naive! I have had my crazy share of experience with such mankind…………….. :Pgood thought!and yeah……beat you by 1 in indirank….YAY! 😀

  9. @Comfy: Now…this is a good one…here curiosity would kill the other cat…:DThanks Comfy…gonna use it!! :)@Addy: Such people are a bit too may in this world..wonder if they EVER care to introspect!!Awww…never mind..congrats to you and good luck to me for next time! 🙂

  10. the basic human tendency has been to only look at other's mistakes without realising where one goes wrong. My flatmate is like that. Always trying to point out mistakes overlooking his'. Finally i told him, just because its your shit does not mean its smells good. 🙂

  11. We meet vareity of people. Some give us joy, others leave us painful memories. I agree meeting such people causes distress in our life but I see it as an opportunity to know them and identify them. Afterall it’s in our hands who to give importance and who to ignore.

  12. There is nothing called PERFECT and I really believe that noone can be ever perfect … I trust that we are learning daily and we should continue that!!

  13. This is the real fact of life. We have to live and adjust to a different mindset of people. I never forced myself to be perfect, I am happy with my flaws Expectation of perfection gives us bigger pain.

  14. I could say my hubby is something like a perfectionist and I have given up trying to do anything he thinks should be perfect. 😄

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